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Virtual Office

On a daily basis, small business owners are engaged in solving unexpected challenges and doing time-consuming tasks instead of focusing on the current and long-term growth of their business. Often, the lack of skilled human resources in these types of jobs can create difficult and unbearable conditions for managers, which is the only way to hire professionals, and this decision itself creates a financial, time and space burden on such jobs.

But we at Ecokara Group help you achieve your goals without incurring the cost and time of staff growth. That’s why Ecokara Group offers its members a range of administrative services aimed at carrying out many of the day-to-day operations of a small start-up. Small or start-up owners can use Ecokara’s office services for their office and focus their time and resources on new products, services and marketing.

Of course, in recent decades, thanks to advances in technology and outsourcing, small companies and businesses can have a professional presence in the commercial market at the lowest cost, such as large and professional companies.

Ekokara administrative and commercial services are :

Virtual Secretary

One of the services is virtual offices. Virtual Secretary is the operator who manages all your business calls from Ecocara Advanced Call Center without your office.

What does Ecocara Virtual Secretary do?

1) Responds to calls, 2) Receive and send your messages, 3) Transmit calls to specific people, 4) Contact customers, 5) Register orders and arrange appointments, 6) Receive and send faxes and emails.سرویس A virtual secretary is much less expensive than hiring a secretary, because hiring a secretary has a lot of costs, such as salaries, insurance and benefits, office rent and running costs, while using a virtual secretary service is enough to just choose one. Our Golden or VIP Memberships Get an experienced secretary and good public relations in minutes.

With the secretary service, a telephone number of your choice is provided to you exclusively. (You can also redirect your work phone number to your virtual secretary service to use the secretary service without having to change your business number. So both modes are available.)Then you specify the secretary’s response instructions for him online and through the portal. These instructions include business information, frequently asked questions with answers, tips for the customer, and more. When your customer calls, the page of your business with all the information you have entered opens in front of the secretary. The experienced secretaries of your office will respond to the call according to your instructions and will email and text you a report of the call.

Delivery of goods and services, clearance and follow-up of orders

Clearance of goods is one of the important steps in the export and import of a product that should be done by individuals or professional companies that have specialized and experienced staff in this regard .An important feature in choosing a company to do shipping and clearance is:
Management and expert and trained team But the important issue is not the existence of these elements under any circumstances, because certainly all “organizations” and large companies can have these indicators, but the proper and professional function of these elements in relation to each other can be high efficiency in this important and specialized matter. Show yourself. However, due to the complexity of clearance matters, companies usually face many problems that cause a lot of financial and time losses, so members of Ecoنara site can choose the appropriate membership of the professional services of this site in sending and clearance matters. Benefit from the goods

Expertise and inspection of goods

One of the constant concerns of sellers, especially buyers, when conducting international transactions and purchasing goods, is the lack of confidence in the other party and hesitation in fulfilling the obligations accepted by him. In this regard, one of the tools that should be considered and used to review and control the responsibilities of the seller before shipping the goods and receiving the money, is to use the goods inspection services, these services usually include The following are:

Monitor the manufacturing process
Final check of cargo
Final review of production technical documents before loading
Testing and sampling of the product to conform the product to the text of the contract
Issuance of necessary certificates
Assessing the qualifications and qualitative capabilities of the exporter (seller of goods)
Check the product to match its quality with the order
Evaluate the quantity of goods and confirm the order quantity
Check the year of manufacture of the product and ensure that it is new or used
Confirmation of place of production or country of manufacture
Check how it is packaged and confirm it
Vehicle approval

Ecoنara, in cooperation with reputable inspection companies, has made it possible for its members to benefit from inspection and expertise services by selecting the appropriate membership of the site facilities for inspecting goods purchased from the seller or exporting their goods.

Contract signing and invoice preparation

The first condition for establishing a secure legal relationship between the two parties in a commercial contract is to set the contract according to the principles of international or domestic commercial contracts. There are many legal and commercial points for concluding a contract, and these legal and commercial points are the most basic issues in arranging and concluding any kind of contract, contract, agreement, treaty, contract, contract, contract, treaty, transaction and so on. Therefore, observing legal and commercial points in the contract and setting up a contract for trading is a skill that should be done by an experienced legal and commercial team. Prepare in the best possible way.

Order registration matters

The first step in customs clearance is to obtain a permit to register the goods order. As the name implies, the order registration permit must be obtained before the goods enter customs and when the buyer has not approved the pre-invoice, so that if the permit is not issued, the importer will not be harmed. If this license is issued, the importer has the right to place his order with the final seller. After receiving Proforma, all importers, according to Article 8 of the Export and Import Law, must obtain an import license or register and order goods. Importers to obtain the order registration license must refer to the website of the import order registration management system and enter the requested information about the specifications of the goods, quantity, price, shipping method, origin and destination of shipment, type of payment, information about the seller and .. Apply for an order registration license. 


The purpose of the price inquiry is to receive the price and conditions from a number of suppliers (sellers), which are presented in the form of an offer and in response to the price inquiry, and finally the buyer can choose the best offer. Given that a significant portion of the purchases of companies and organizations require price inquiries, companies typically design and apply specific processes and rules to optimize the purchase of goods and services they need. For example, an offer must be received from at least 3 vendors; In this case, the purchaser is obliged to refer to three different suppliers and receive three price inquiries with the prices and conditions desired by the suppliers, and in the end, a seller with a better price and conditions is selected for cooperation. Usually, in order to receive an inquiry, the inquiry form must be completed professionally by experts so that the sellers can offer the best price for the goods of the recipient of the inquiry, otherwise the probability of receiving incorrect prices is very high. The seller creates problems for this purpose, dear members of the site can use the services of Ecokara site and complete their inquiry form in consultation with experts in this field.

Commercial legal advice

Commercial law is in fact a set of special rules governing trade relations and commercial practices. These rights predict the special status of traders and commercial practices, and if the problems are not resolved by commercial law, civil law should be referred to.
At Ecokara site, our lawyers with years of experience in commercial litigation and providing legal services to traders and commercial companies offer their services to the following topics:

Legal advice on concluding contracts of companies, commercial, manufacturing, industrial and commercial units with other persons, as well as preparation of the text of contracts by a lawyer 

Bankruptcy Legal Advice
Advice on drafting the articles of association of various commercial companies
Attending the legal unit of companies and providing legal advice and legal services to companies
Litigation and litigation of commercial companies, including bankruptcy, liquidation, etc.
File a lawsuit to annul the decisions of the board of directors and the managing director
Arbitration in commercial litigation related to the issues of commercial companies
Mediation in disputes between the company and partners and business partners outside the company
How to conclude an employment contract with company employees and company customers
Accepting representation in legal cases, litigation, claims, business matters 

Advising and defending in international lawsuits in the judiciary and arbitration
Litigation in commercial disputes or commercial contracts or commercial claims in the international arena in the courts and arbitration
Monitoring the implementation of international trade agreements
Implementation of international trade agreements
Arbitration in international commercial litigation
International company registration services
International name and trademark services
Litigation, defense and advising on disputes or abuse of name and trademark in the international arena

Services related to the registration of industrial projects of companies in the international arena
Litigation, defense and consulting in the field of disputes or abuse of industrial projects in the international arena
Advising and conducting affairs related to establishing representative offices and branches abroad
Advising and taking the necessary measures in the field of insurance in the international arena, including concluding insurance contracts
Advice on export and import regulations
Advice on international investment law
Advising on opening a letter of credit (LC) for payment processes
Advising on the laws and rights related to maritime transport and the movement of goods and land and air transport
Execution or protest against the votes of judges in the international arena
Advice on customs laws in the international arena

Services Translation of business texts and business meetings

The key to effective communication with the world is to speak the language of the world. Ecokara’s specialized translation services help your members find new markets and introduce themselves well to international partners. Also, our wide range of translators enables you to translate the most specialized commercial texts according to modern world standards.

Ecocara site translation services include:

Translation of contracts, texts and business catalogs from Persian to several languages in the world and vice versa

Online translator during online business meetings

Online translator in face-to-face business meetings

Interpreter in face-to-face business meetings

Send and receive emails and business letters in a foreign language.

Marketing and advertising consulting

What is marketing advice?

In recent years, due to the competitiveness of most markets in Iran and the entry of small and large domestic and foreign competitors into the field of production, trade and services, the Iranian market has become somewhat competitive and in this field almost no single business and There is no competitor.

In this environment, serious attention to marketing science is a must for all companies and those who neglect this will quickly lose the field in favor of competitors. Since marketing, like many other sciences today, has become a specialty, it is not enough for company managers to rely on traditional methods of the past and follow previous experiences, and new marketing methods should be used as competition conditions change.

This is especially important for start-ups. Since today, company managers and entrepreneurs feel the need for marketing knowledge, skills and expertise in applying these methods more than ever, the use of marketing consulting services seems quite obvious.

Therefore, Ecokara site, by employing a strong marketing team and partnering with the most experienced marketing consultants in the country, has tried to provide marketing consulting services to its members so that members can increase their sales in the labor market and on the Ecokara site.

Ecokara site marketing and advertising consulting services are as follows:

 Online Marketing Consultant

International Marketing Consultant
Global Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

Scientific Marketing Consultant

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Consultant

Press & Media

PR – marketing Consultant (Public Relations)

Branding and Marketing Consultant

Guerilla Marketing Consultant

Direct Marketing Consultant

Packaging and Buying Behavior

Customer Satisfaction

Data Driven Marketing

Leave your affairs to us

Also, Ecokara site, due to its extensive cooperation with all businesses, can offer a range of special and special services to its special members, including:

Preparation of residential and office suites  

Conference room for rent 
Reservation of accommodation of managers and customers in world 

Private goods exhibition rent (luxury and industrial)
Managing domestic and foreign business travel
Use of legal unit
Use the advertising unit and content production

Virtual office

Virtual office is a very practical and cost-effective solution for managers and businesses
Who do not have an office , but due to the need of their business for contracts or appointments
Businesses have to travel and usually in public or semi-private places such as hotel lobbies
Or restaurants can arrange their appointments, hence Ecokara site services for its VIP members
Provides a virtual office where in these virtual work offices, you have a reputable address , a dedicated telephone line, a secretary
And you will benefit from special meeting and conference facilities. We also manage all your business and administrative matters
So you can focus on developing your business.

Access to conference rooms and reception services for guests

VIP Ekokara members can hold their meetings with domestic and foreign customers and their work team in a private and pleasant space in the best office location of Tehran and have high speed internet facilities, special reception service for guests and all the necessary facilities of a room. Benefit Meetings The Ecokara site can also provide large conference and conference rooms for its members.

Double the pleasure of work by receiving VIP services.


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