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What is a virtual exhibition and what are its features?

Virtual Exhibition presents a virtual image of an exhibition in 2D and 3D and users can navigate in it to find information about companies. So that in the user’s mind they create a walk in a real exhibition. 

The advantages of online exhibitions include the following:
1) Showcase products
2) Mostly due to the unlimited space of the exhibition booth
3) Saving the cost of building an exhibition booth and the cost of transporting products
4) Ability to display products throughout the country, regardless of the location of the exhibition.
5) Providing all product information and digital catalogs with one click on the product and no need for physical presence of personnel to respond.

How can companies use the facilities of a virtual exhibition?

Users can view company profile, products, site address and email, etc. Define the shape, color and layout of the page to your liking and to access the navigation section with the usernames and passwords provided on the site.

How to use the virtual exhibition

Companies that are members of the site, by ordering the booth can with the username and password that is provided to them, all the necessary information about your company such as contact information, company biography, products, certificates, news, Post pictures of your products and  in your own booth.

The online exhibition has the following capabilities:

Possibility of being a membership

Ability to register orders

Ability to pay online

Ability to define and register booths by users

Ability to define products manually

Ability to register products with text and images

Ability to record news and articles related to the booth

Ability to display the list of customers

Ability to register sales agents

Ability to receive price inquiries

Possibility to refer the price inquiry to the relevant exhibitor

Ability to group products in relevant halls

Ability to register and manage advertising banners

Ability to create electronic newsletters in groups and privately

Ability to support the ticketing system

Ability to send emails and text messages to other users

Ability to introduce the product along with the image and text

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