VIP Membership

In the VIP membership package, users can fully use all the facilities and services of the site and even operate without paying a membership fee in the Ecokara International site.

To be eligible for VIP membership, the user must have been a member of Ecokara Gold for at least one year or more, or have an invitation from the Ecokara site administrator or one of the site VIP members.

In VIP membership, all users must provide all the information that is required for this membership.

In addition, VIP members receive a commercial and financial trust mark from the Ecokara site, which means that this business is represented by Ecokara site is validated and has quality and financial credibility, which will definitely play an important role in gaining the trust and attraction of new domestic and foreign customers.

List of VIP membership services

Send inquiry (by number per month)

Receive inquiries (by number per month)

Priority in receiving inquiries

Sale of goods in the auction hall of the site (by number)

Buy from the site auction hall

Send and receive inventory inquiries (based on number per month)

Doing transactions on the site portal

Access to vendor information

Demonstrate credibility and authenticity of seller and buyer

Space to create a company-specific site (based on the number of products and photos and the amount of information per month)

Advertising on the site (based on the number of products per month)

Targeted ads on the site (send ads to the target market)

Priority in showing the product to the customer

Online catalog (number of photos and products per month)

Provide statistics and information about user activity

Provide statistics and information about user activity

Provide statistics and information on all users' business activities

Access users' databases for marketing purposes

Vendor accreditation and qualification

Buyer authentication and authentication

Providing online business services


Live Conversation

Providing business services

Virtual Secretary

Track orders

Coordinating the delivery of goods

Coordination of expertise and inspection of goods

Concluding contracts

Business consulting

Providing commercial services

Registration of inquiry forms and invoices

Commercial legal advice

Financial consulting

Marketing consulting

Advertising advice

Advertising content design

Advertising printing and photography

Design and build a website and catalog

Access the site forum

Receive general market economy news

Receive specialized economic news

Holding an online exhibition (based on the number of exhibitions and the number of goods)

Okara International Site & Trade in International

Ecokala Retail Site

Telephone support

Access to the office in Tehran (according to the time and priority of the reservation)

Access to the conference room with ancillary services (according to the time and priority of the reservation)

Itinerary management and personal secretary

Full access to the Ekokala site and the Ekokara International site

to receive services and Membership you only need to

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