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What is a price inquiry?

When a buyer wants to get the best price or the most suitable conditions to buy the goods or services she needs, they usually inquires about the price from several different sellers or suppliers.

What is the purpose of price inquiry?

The purpose of the price inquiry is to receive the price and conditions from a number of suppliers (sellers) which are presented in the form of an offer and in response to the price inquiry, and finally the buyer can choose the best offer.

Given that a significant portion of the purchases of companies and organizations require price inquiries, companies typically have specific processes and rules for receiving their inquiries.

What is a price inquiry form?

Most organizations and companies use the query form to provide the goods or services they need. 

In Ecocara, for the price inquiry, the company representative can contact the supplier by selecting and completing the desired inquiry form and sending it online on the site and receive their price offers.

What is the price inquiry form included?

The price inquiry form contains general and general information and specifications. 

In the Ecocara Inquiry Panel, more suppliers will be able to submit their bids, in which case the buyer’s choice will increase quantitatively and qualitatively.

What are the types of price inquiries?

Inquiries can be divided into two general types, “price inquiries” and “price inquiries with conditions”. 

Price inquiries based on price and conditions are more specialized than price inquiries based on price alone. 

The following is a brief description of these two species with their English equivalents:

Request For Quotation (RFQ): 

The English equivalent of Request For Quotation

Request For Proposal (RFP):

The other equivalent of price inquiry means asking for price and conditions (proposal)

What is the difference between RFP and RFQ?

The RFQ merely refers to the Quotation, while the RFP includes a number of other conditions in addition to the price. 

RFQ is used to inquire about specific goods (for example, the purchase of cement or construction steel), while RFP is used to purchase so-called complementary goods (such as industrial ventilation packages) or to perform specialized services (such as designing and constructing a shed).

Price Inquiry Components:

1)Subject of inquiry: accurate introduction of required goods or services along with quantities (number, area, volume, etc.)

2) Special conditions: conditions that, in addition to the price, are considered by the buyer and will be effective in choosing the best offer.

3) Start Date / End Date: The validity period of the inquiry is to send the offer by the sellers and suppliers.

4) Offer: is the answer given by the sellers or suppliers to the inquiry. If the inquiry is for price only, the offer is for price only, and if the buyer meets other conditions, the sellers must respond to those conditions as well.

5) Announcement of the winner: It is a specific period of time when the buyer selects one of the received offers and introduces it as the winner of the inquiry.

Advantages of using Ecokara Inquiry Panel:

1) Possibility of inquiry by RFQ, RFP, RFI methods

2) Send inquiries to more target suppliers without space and time restrictions

3) Receive the answer to the inquiry in the shortest time

4) Financial savings for the buyer due to the transparency of the results of inquiries and the prevention of common abuses in the traditional way. Also, it is less expensive to receive online inquiries than the traditional method.

5) Selecting the best supplier according to the suppliers’ information on Ecokara site and supplier feedback.

6) Safe and secure purchase if purchased through Ecokara site.

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