Online Chat


Online Chat

Online chat may involve any communication via the Internet, which provides the transmission of real-time text messages from sender to receiver.


Chat messages are generally short enough to respond quickly to other participants. 


As a result, it creates a feeling similar to a conversational conversation, which distinguishes chat from other online text communication forms such as online forums and email.


Online chat may examine point-to-point communications as well as multimedia communications from one sender to multiple receivers and voice and video chat, or it may be a feature of a web conferencing service.

Online chat in Ecokara

In general, Ecokara site in its online chat section allows site members to sellers and buyers in a secure environment to form their business relationship, whether through text or video chat, and any questions, ambiguities and. .. to ask on behalf of their transaction there and get a quick response.


Ecokara allows you to have your online chats one-on-one (formally as a concurrent conference).

Another feature that Ecokara provides for its members is hosting or participating in webinars. 


Web conferencing is a more specific online service that is often sold as a service and hosted on a vendor-controlled web server. 


It is possible that site members can hold their web conference from the webinar section or participate in someone else’s webinar.

Online Chat

Advances in transactions

Using Ecocara online chat, members of the site can exchange more tips, requests and experiences with their trader or company, and always be aware of each other’s views on the transaction, and ultimately both parties in the business. Progress your work.

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