The world's first media -1605



News is information about current events, which may be presented to the audience through many different media, including: social networks, television, radio, postal systems, or through websites.

From 400 years ago until now

News topics


This news covers common topics such as war, government, politics, education, health, environment, economics, business, fashion and entertainment, as well as sporting events, bizarre or unusual events. Government proclamations are related to royal ceremonies, laws, taxes, public health and criminals, and so on. Technological and social developments, often by communication networks, have increased the speed of news coverage and also affected its content.

Beginning of Journalism - 1701

Types of news

The news is presented in different types, which include:

1. Daily news

۲. Cover news

3. Advance news

4. Short news

5. Exploratory news

And …

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Daily news with Ecokara


Ecokara News


As you know, “news” usually contains new information, so Ecokara allows its members to be constantly informed of the latest events and news of their choice by choosing their favorite news genre.


Ecokara Team


The Ekokara team strives to keep the site up to date with the latest news in a variety of categories and for daily news lovers.

Make topics available to you dear ones so that each member of the site with any news taste, including political, economic, sports, art and entertainment, health and wellness, etc. 

can follow their favorite topics daily and news Be aware of those topics. So if you are one of those people who start your day with the news of the day, you can start and end your day with the most prominent news by joining Ecokara.

Top Topics

Political 89%
Economical 61%
Sports 71%
Health and medical 50%
Arts and Entertainment 85%

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