Membership Benefits

1. Much more sales volume than trading with regular customers

The first and biggest advantage of marketing through the Ecokara site compared to other common marketing is the high volume of exchanges in it, as if you have hundreds or thousands of customers during the day!

Of course, it should also be noted that bulk wholesale sales are usually accompanied by different discounts. However, the profitability of these types of sales is far greater than normal.

However, finding a target market in this type of marketing is a bit more difficult, and concluding business contracts in this case has its own complexities; But consider how positive the achievements of these hardships will be in the future.

In fact, by coordinating and concluding a contract with another business, you finish the job and only sell your products and services to one party to the contract. But normally, in addition to spending time, energy, and money to attract and find more customers, you need to record thousands of separate sales over several months to reach a typical B2B marketing deal.

2. Possibility of cooperation and long-term transactions and receiving fixed orders

The second very important point is the possibility of continuing cooperation and long-term sales.

Businesses that are looking for specific raw materials, services or products are usually more inclined to use a consistent type of order from a quality business, which means that if you offer a quality product or service, the chances of a long-term partnership with other businesses It will be very much. In this case, you are aware of the specified orders during the day, week or month and maybe a year, and you can take advantage of having regular orders.

Almost all businesses today are somehow dependent on other businesses. This need can be seen in many different areas, and if you can meet one of these needs for other businesses, you can work with them for a long time.

3. With Ecokara marketing, you get more exposure than usual

Joining and operating in Ecokara will help your businesses become more aware of your business and thus be able to operate in a much better environment to grow and expand your brand. This will increase the brand credibility and increase the users’ trust in your business.

One of the important points that makes your brand name effectively spread among other customers in this type of marketing is that, unlike simple customers, cooperation and interaction between businesses is usually very close and in many cases more sincere.

Experience has shown that the bilateral and multilateral activities and interactions of several business partners with each other have led to the introduction and creation of more job opportunities. This means that if you do business with a business, the chances of your brand name being transferred to other businesses by that business are much higher than if you sell products to regular customers, because an independent business offers to other businesses. It has much better feedback than praising a simple customer of your business.

In fact, it can be said that with the help of marketing through Ecokara site, you can benefit from a very good viral marketing method. With all these interpretations, it can be said that this type of marketing has the ability to create many business opportunities.

4. Marketing in less time but with very large dimensions

Time is one of the most important factors for any business. Waste of time is one of the most common reasons for small and large businesses to fail.

On the Ecokara site, the time you spend receiving and preparing orders and delivering them is much less than normal, having a fixed and predetermined order queue plays an important role in this.

Research shows that companies operating in this type of marketing are at least 20 to 25% more productive due to time savings.

The fact that the number of your customers in this type of marketing is less than the normal amount, makes the process of completing orders and sending them to customers much faster.

5. Reduce wasteful spending

Another advantage of this business on the Ecokara site is the reduction of costs in their implementation.

Because most of your marketing activities are automated and pre-planned, they can save a lot of money.

Statistics show that companies operating in this field have between 25 and 30% lower costs than ordinary commercial companies.

One of these costs is the cost of financial support, which plays a lesser role in business-to-business marketing and reduces your costs. It will be normal. This means more production, more profit along with lower costs.

6. Using professional feedback from professionals

Under any circumstances, creating a good shopping experience for customers will allow them to come to you and in turn tell you what they think of you and your products and services.

So would you rather hear from a simple customer who has provided a limited amount of your services or products, or get a professional and principled opinion from a reputable company that has made bulk purchases from you?

Of course, everyone will choose the second option, since these comments are sent by businesses active in your field, this will not only receive useful and constructive suggestions and criticism for you, but also a good kind of promotion for your products.

In fact, by offering good products to other businesses, you will both receive expert opinions about your products and with the help of these opinions, you will be in the field of view of other customers. You will line up.

7. Help find new markets

Selling products and services to ordinary customers is limited to ordinary people, but selling to other businesses is a window into a new world of a turbulent market.

We have already mentioned that by working in this field, you will get acquainted with other small and large businesses, each of which has the potential to introduce you to other commercial companies. On the other hand, you can set up a virtual store in Ecokara and sell Integrate online to make your way to different markets and expand your business.

8. Possibility to predict the market situation

Another good advantage of Ecokara is that it puts you in a position to have useful information about the market at all times.

Interacting with other businesses will help you assess their working conditions and thus understand the current state of the market, which will also help you to have better forecasts for your future plans.

In fact, by working on this site, you are connected to an extensive business network and get a lot of information about the economic situation in the related markets, while the importance of communication and close cooperation with other businesses active in your field should not be ignored. In this case, you will always have active and familiar friends and advisors.


9. Ecokara gives you confidence

Marketing through Ecokara provides a situation in which both parties to the transaction, especially the seller, have a lot of confidence.

Such contracts, because they are heavy and vital, are important contracts that change the marketing process of a business. If you enter into a trade with another business and offer them your products in exchange for payment or other goods, you will have fixed orders for a long time.

This alone will show the importance and quality of your work, and consequently your self-confidence will increase.

The next thing to do is to stay safe from unfavorable market conditions. When you have a long-term contract with a business partner, you are safe from some kind of unfavorable market conditions that occasionally affect small and large businesses, and somehow without considering unfavorable economic conditions. And market turmoil. However, you have registered orders that you can use to make money.

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