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Technically, information can be considered the solution to uncertainty. Information in a general sense is processed, organized and structured data. It provides the context for the data and makes the decision possible. For example, the sale of multiple products in a company is listed, this is information when the business can identify the most popular or least popular product and use this information to the benefit of their company.


Today, the use of information is much greater, and large and advanced companies to grow as much as possible of this information to understand the financial and commercial markets, sales growth, better marketing, increase competitive intelligence, strategic planning and many other strategic functions And Ecokara provides this information to its members in order to help your business grow.

Information Bank Of Ecokara

Ecokara system through its intelligent system useful and general information (note that in no way the personal information of the members will be made available to anyone) site members who are interested in the subject.


for example if you want to buy products You are from the site, but you can not decide which company meets your expectations by referring to the Ecokara database and selecting the desired category list of all companies operating in this field with information such as activity history, customer satisfaction and … More detailed information such as the times when the company discounts its products, awards prizes, hosts webinars or launches a new product will be provided to the golden / VIP members of the site. 

By providing this information, member organizations and companies as well as buyers and customers can use this information to have efficient and effective management for their business.

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