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User section:

After entering the Ecokara site, click on the registration option at the top of the page according to the photo below, and fill in the relevant sections step by step, and finally press the confirmation key.

In the first step, log out of the site once and try to enter the user section again by entering the correct password and username.

If your account is still closed, refer to your e-mail and if you have received an e-mail from Ecokara, open it. Finally, you can contact the site support or click here.

First make sure your data is entered correctly and completely, then if you still do not receive the code, contact support.

To benefit from the facilities of the site, you need to be a member of the site.

To use the various features of the site, a number of memberships and membership fees have been defined. Click here to know the cost and information on the types of membership.

Yes, it is mandatory for using the site features.

Not from one company, but from two companies, if the user has the right to sell or buy in both companies, she/he can have two usernames.

Account settings:

Registration and login:

Account Management:

Log in to your user window, then select Profile Manager and then Edit.

Log in to your user window, then select Profile Manager and then Edit.

Resources section:

Pay attention to the educational video.

Watch the clip below.

Watch the clip below.

After searching for the goods in the search section and finding the goods of interest, you can click on the small heart next to the goods to be saved in the section of your interest.

By entering the required product name in the search field, a list of suppliers of the desired product is displayed for the user that the user can view the product information and the seller of the product by clicking on each product.

Enter the Inquiry section of the site, then select the Inquiry Request option, and after filling out the Inquiry Form, click the Submit button.

Some users have the ability to use the site’s online chat services based on their membership level.

Users can contact each other directly based on the contact number in the other user’s profile and continue their negotiations off-site.

A business inventory is a document issued by the seller in the name of the buyer and sent to the buyer along with other documents.

This document is a proof that an agreement has been reached between the buyer and the seller regarding a certain transaction.

This document contains the date, name and address of the buyer and seller, order number with the contract, quantity and description of goods, unit price, description of any agreed cost not included in the unit price, total value of goods, weight of goods, number of packages, marks And shipping numbers, delivery terms and shipping details

Certified (certified) and consular logs are types of commercial logs.

A certified list is a list that has been approved by a competent authority such as the local chamber of commerce, and if it is called a certificate of Value, the value of the goods will be verified.

A consular list is a list that is approved by the consular authorities of the buyer country to determine whether the goods are legally allowed to enter the country.


You can enter the name of the product in the product search field and search for the product you want, or you can reach the product you want by selecting the product category and sub-category of the product.

You can enter the specifications of the goods you need in the inquiry section and send the desired goods to the sellers.

Suppliers section:

In the user information section, user information is available, while users can contact each other for more information.

If the purchase of goods is done through the site portal between the seller and the buyer, the parties can enjoy the benefits of guaranteeing the transaction of Ecokara site.

In order to fully benefit from the site, the first user must provide the golden membership of the site, then, by using the educational videos of the site, she/he must become fully acquainted with the use of the site’s facilities.

If it is paid through the portal of Ecokara site, the parties will be notified as soon as they receive the money.

Please refer to the tutorial video.

Manufacturers Credit:

Contact manufacturers:


Online Trade show:

How to access Messenger:



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After Sales Services:




Buyers Brochure:


Brand Search Tools:

Terms And Conditions:


About Ecokara:

Pay attention to the movie.

Ecokara site does not have a direct delivery system and the sold goods must be delivered by shipping companies, but on Ecokara site you can find a list of shipping companies and find the best option.

Additional questions about Ecokara:

Choosing the right seller and guaranteed deals:

If the user needs more information from the seller or the buyer, she/he can contact the request via SMS or video conference or email in the communication section.

To ensure the quality of the goods, you can ask the seller to request a product inspection or to send documents related to the standard and import certificates.

In addition, if you buy from the site portal, you can use the site transaction guarantee service, and if the quality of the product does not match with the seller, refer to the whole product.

By doing a transaction through the site portal, you can minimize the risk of the transaction.

If the transaction is done through the portal site, the transaction guarantee is at the disposal of Ecokara site. In this case, the order to send the goods will not be issued until the transaction price is settled.

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