B2B Business

What Is Business to Business (B2B)?

In the B2B model, communication between two or more organizations, economic institutions, raw material producers, manufacturers of different types of consumer goods, providers of various types of services, etc. is desired. In the B2B model, the communication process is designed to be very open and flexible. Manufacturers of raw materials, manufacturers of various goods, and sellers and distributors can easily communicate with each other.

It also means reducing intermediaries this in turn reduces prices.

The mentioned factors have made this model as the main model of e-commerce in the modern world today.

In the traditional world of commerce, most companies sell their products and supply the raw materials and services they need through companies or commercial enterprises, 

which may be a commercial, manufacturing, industrial, or distribution company, but in the world of e-commerce, the possibility of using technology in Along with the traditional method, it allows companies to have newer markets and more sales.

In other words, every company needs a series of raw materials and services and produces products or services that may be raw materials or services needed by another company, and this creates a chain of sales between companies.

The management of such a chain due to the large number of companies must be done by a large database, the best solution for which is the Internet and specialized sites such as Ecokara, which makes it easy to find and connect these companies by creating an online database.

Ecokara site is a platform in which, in addition to the integrated database of different companies and their products, it includes the definition of common rules and methods for presenting products and sending orders. This means that you can easily see buyers of your products or sellers of raw materials together and send them requests online.

Unlike other sites active in the Iranian market, which usually have a sales approach to the end consumer, Ecokara is the first fully specialized site to provide new e-commerce services and a bridge between suppliers and their target consumers, and vice versa. 

This site differs from other sites, the relationship of two business groups or two businesses to each other

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