Auction hall facilities

At Ecokara site, members are given the opportunity to sell their goods through auction. In this method, a product is auctioned by a user in the auction section, and other members can participate in the auction for a specified period of time and announce their price for the purchase of the product.

How to sell goods in the auction section:

1) The owner of the goods must submit the specifications of the goods along with all the documents related to the goods to the evaluation office of Ecokara site.

The documents include:
Proof of ownership of the goods, documents related to the goods such as green leaves and standards, photos of the goods, location of the goods, details of the goods and complete specifications of the goods, determining the sale floor price and immediate purchase price, announcing the time and day of the auction, filling Auction form and signing the terms of sale of goods in the auction unit.

2) Evaluation and verification by Ecokara site. Auction time reservation announcement. Announcement of entrance fee to the auction hall.

3) Pay the entrance fee to the auction hall and receive the entrance code to the hall

4) Enter the auction panel by the seller and fill out and download the full auction form to present in the auction hall.

5) Review and expertise of the auction panel by Ecokara experts

6) Panel locking

7) Provide auction information to other users and advertise goods and auction time according to the category and type of goods.

8) Start the auction at the appointed time and control the auction by the robot

9) End the auction and announce the winning buyer to the seller

10) Coordination of sending goods

11) Confirmation of receipt of the goods by the buyer and confirmation of the authenticity of the goods

12) Payment of goods to the seller after deducting the auction commission.

How to sell goods in the auction section:

1) Information about the auction of goods

1-1) Through targeted newsletters on the site

2-1) By searching the auction in the user panel

2) Request complete product information

3) Payment of deposit and company fee in case of cancellation of payment of the price of the goods taken in the auction.

4) Receive the company participation code in the auction

5) Charging the auction box to access the bitcoin of the goods

1-5) In case of high auction price, anticipate other measures such as bank guarantee

6) Participate in the auction

7) In case of winning the price of the goods to the Ecokara site

7-1) Receipt of goods receipt and invoice and remittance of goods

7-2) Receiving the goods, checking the accuracy of the goods and filling out the comments form

7-3) Confirmation of payment to the seller within the prescribed period.

8) Refund of the deposit amount and the cost of the company and the fund in case of failure in the auction.

Terms of participation in the auction for the seller:

1) Payment of the right to participate in the auction

1-1) In case of sale of goods, this amount will be deducted from the commission

2-1) If the goods are not sold, the seller will be returned.

2) Payment of commodity and seller certification fee

1-2) is not refundable in any case

3) Payment of commission in case of sale

4) Payment of deposit and loss in case of removal of goods before the end of the auction will be confiscated in favor of the site and in case of completion of the auction and sale of goods will be confiscated in favor of the buyer.

Terms of participation in the auction for the buyer:

1) Payment of the right to participate in the auction

1-1) In case of failure to purchase the goods will be refunded

2) Payment of collateral and damages

1-2) In case of winning the auction or announcing the immediate purchase and refusing to pay this deposit, it will be confiscated in the seller’s profit and the seller will be paid for the loss.

General rules:

If the buyer or seller disrupts the auction process in any way, they will leave the auction hall and their entry will be confiscated.

If the violating participants do not comply with the obligations, they will be banned from participating in the auction hall in the future.

The buyer is obliged to fill in the goods receipt form and the accuracy of the goods and the survey section after receiving the goods within the stipulated period. And the buyer has no right to make any claims.

If the goods received by the buyer differ from the goods announced in the auction or are not received, the transaction will be terminated and the deposit will be confiscated in favor of the buyer.

In the case of special and expensive goods, the buyer or the buyer’s lawyer must personally go to the seller to receive the goods and deliver the goods after inspection.

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