What Is Business-to-Business (B2B)?

The B2B or business-to-business model is a business model that focuses on selling bulk products and services to other companies. All wholesale business processes or meeting the needs of one company to other companies can be considered under this business model. This business model usually happens in one of three ways:

1)Businesses need to purchase raw materials for the production process.

2)Businesses need a specific service for their business.

3)A business needs an intermediary or other business to sell its products.


Subscribing to Ecokara.net helps a lot in branding the member companies of this site, branding in the field of B2B, creates credibility and a positive mental image for companies and potential customers. Creating such a reputation will give more opportunities and sales opportunities to the producers of products and services, and they will be able to establish more profitable and closer relationships with other companies. Having a strong brand can create a valuable sense of trust and confidence in economic activity for the company’s customers, and this confidence will change the fate of economic actors in this market. In this way, powerful brands operating in the B2B arena can take advantage of high competitive advantage.

Our services

In Ecokara, members can easily search for the product they want based on category or subcategory or based on their field of work.
By providing a specialized inquiry platform, Ecokara allows its members to inquire from all suppliers in the fastest and cheapest way. At Eco Kara site, 
members can fill out specialized inquiry forms and send them to target suppliers throughout Iran to be informed of the best prices and product conditions.
In addition to searching for goods, members can find the supplier or consumer of the desired product and be in direct contact with each other.
After registering on the Ecocara site, members are systematically linked to each other based on their field of work and the products they want.
Due to the lack of space and time restrictions on the site and members' access to any place and time. Members can market their products throughout Iran.
Due to the special conditions of the Iranian market, sometimes it will be difficult to find some items of work,
but on the Ecocara site, by filling out the inventory inquiry form, the user can send this request through the site
to each user who is somehow in contact with this product.And find the desired product at a reasonable price in the shortest time.
On the Ecokara , there is a section for buying and selling goods in the form of stock or auction, where suppliers 
and consumers can buy goods in the form of stock or auction according to special conditions.
Suppliers can advertise their goods or services in the advertisement section of the Ecokara site in a targeted manner. 
These advertisements are displayed in a targeted manner based on the type of goods or services only for the target users who are active in this field.
After joining the site, suppliers can create a virtual exhibition for themselves and display the catalog and 
information of their products in this section. Visiting this exhibition is open to all visitors, both members and non-members.
All users receive news related to their field of activity or product according to their desired field of work and products, 
which is such as domestic and foreign business news, as well as all members of the general news related to their business in Iran receive.
Due to the fact that most businesses in the Iranian market are not small or medium-sized, and these types of 
businesses usually do not have the capacity to hire business experts due to the size or lack of financial resources,
Ecokara for this group of service users Provides a virtual office that can operate professionally in the business market at the lowest cost.
In Ecokara, users are validated according to their business position in the market as well as their history of activity 
on the Ecokara site, and after each transaction on the Ecocara site, both parties to the transaction must express their views on their
business experience with the other party. In this section, users can easily enter a new transaction according to the credit of their transaction party.
In the poll section, users can express all their opinions and experiences about their business.
Due to the fact that the members of this site have placed Ecokara as a communication bridge between us and their business partner, 
they can also use the portal of this site for a safe and guaranteed purchase at the time of purchase. A trustee acts on behalf of the buyer and seller.

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